About Bella Jewels

Jewelry designing is in my heart. My work reflects this.  I adore interior and apparel design, and studied textile and fashion design in college. During this time I taught myself metalsmithing and wire wrapping with precious metals and gemstones and sold my first piece of jewelry at the Eastern Market in D.C. in 1985. Later, I moved to Davis, California where I secured my first wholesale accounts in the cutest boutiques in San Francisco, Sausalito, and Mill Valley.

My work could be seen in The National Museum of Women in the Arts and The Baltimore Museum of Art, as well as boutiques all over the nation from Kauai to the Sanibel Islands. In the early 90's I focused on festivals and other shows. Finally, in 1998, I found the internet and began selling my work on a couple of sites.

There was really no choice but to follow a path of visual excitement and beauty. It was there from the start. I know you will see authenticity in my jewelry designs and feel the heart and soul in each piece. Imitations never hold a candle.

Rarely do I plan out designs or draw them. Instead I just snip off a piece of wire and go at it! Since I am not a very neat worker, curls and scrolls and other shapes I have formed from metal, as well as piles of gemstones, sit all over my work bench and I am often inspired...finding bits and pieces of a design in this tangle of elements.

My work is a reflection of my love for colors, shapes, and style.

Thank you,  Tracey

Contact me: thefirstbellajewels@gmail.com

Instagram: thefirstbellajewels